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STANDARD WEIGHTS Manufacturer Supplier and Exporters

To obtain the best accuracy from precision balances, the balances need to be frequently calibrated using precision standard weights. Contech offers Brass & Stainless calibrated weights. Weights are available in cylindrical configuration. Standard weight box of range lmg to 200 grams come in attractive, sturdy polished wooden/ plastic cases. Certification Service for the Standard Weights are offered from NABL Accredited Certification Laboratories with traceability to NPL Standards.

  • High precision metrological standard weights and weight box.
  • Complete range : lmg to 200 g weight box and loose weights upto 20 kg.
  • M1, F2, Fl, E2, El, Class weights.
  • Stainless steel, Austenite alloy, Brass material.
  • Calibrated by NABL accredited Laboratory, RRSL (Regional Reference Standard Laboratory), NPL (National Physical Laboratory).